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Use the following resources to help secure funding to attend the Ohio Early Childhood Conference!

We know that the cost of attending and traveling to a conference can be prohibitive. However, we also know that attending the Ohio Early Childhood Conference is the best way to receive strategies, support and solutions that will allow you to better serve young children, their families, and their communities.


There are several ways that early childhood professionals can fundraise to attend the conference. These include using professional asking your supervisor to assist with the costs using professional development funds, asking local businesses for support, and requesting that classroom gifts from families be directed toward a conference scholarship account.


Please feel free to use the following letters as templates to help you as you raise money toward your goal of attending the Ohio Early Childhood Conference!

Each of the links below points to a downloadable Microsoft Word template for you to use right away. 


Did you know?
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Many attendees have paid for their registration through accounts like "Go Fund Me", "Donors Choose" and others!  The Conference is an event that will help you become a better educator - parents and friends will support you.  

For more information on how to start a "Go Fund Me"
click here.
For more information on how to start a "Donors Choose"
click here or here.

Check out this great example from Alicia Mason from her Donors Choose campaign!

Sample Sponsor Request Letter

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