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The Serving Leader Institute

A Fellowship of Early Childhood Educators

Early Childhood Educator Fellowship September 12 - December 12

Institute Description

The Institute is carefully designed and structured for you to work alongside other current and aspiring early childhood educators in a virtual group environment guided by renowned leadership expert and best-selling author, Dr. John Stahl-Wert. John's specialty is making serving leadership intensely practical for results-oriented leaders worldwide.

Early Childhood Educator Fellowship
September 12 - December 12

The Early Childhood Educator Fellowship will begin on September 12th and end on December 12, 2023. Once again the training content is provided by Dr. John Stahl-Wert and coaching calls will be facilitated by Qianna Tidmore and Kimberly Tice, Ohio AEYC Co-Executive Directors.

We are committed to providing early childhood educators with leadership training and networking opportunities to enhance your work in your current leadership role and/or to assume new leadership roles and engage with decision-makers in their community and at the state level.


Since this is a virtual institute, we will be meeting via zoom, which means you can be anywhere your computer or phone is!

(A savings of $1,000 off retail cost! )

Institute Overview

Leading complex, continuous change during this remarkable and unprecedented time requires navigating everything that competes for your time, attention and limited resources. Going “back to normal” isn’t good enough. If you want to be engaged in using your voice to influence local, state, and federal policies that impact your work, now is the time to invest in yourself and join the 2023 Serving Leader Institute!


We know you want to be your best for your staff as well as the children and families you serve. It’s time to invest in yourself! The NAEYC Accreditation Project states,

“The wisest allocation of resources is to support the program administrator as the mechanism for impacting program quality. When quality improvement efforts focus on the administrator, program changes are all-encompassing – there is a trickledown effect – and improvements are more likely to be sustained.”

The Serving Leader Institute is a proven leadership program – a simple yet powerful framework providing you with leadership principles to motivate you and your team. You’ll have access to a library of practical tools and reflective journals to help you move from planning to action.


The fellowship brings you together with early childhood colleagues from a variety of roles and settings to collaborate, network and problem-solve together. Our certified facilitators provide you with focused coaching to promote your own professional growth and to strengthen your program.


The Fellowship combines world-class online training with collaborative learning at an affordable price. Upon completion, you will be honored with a certificate of recognition.

Ohio Approved credit is available upon request (32 hours).

Institute Facilitators 


Mimi Conference note (29).png
KT_Photo #4.jpg
Qianna Tidmore
Kimberly Tice

September 12-December 12

September 12-December 12

You'll discover how-to:

• Make your program the best place to work.

• Improve job satisfaction.

• Create a culture of empowerment, teamwork, and accountability.

• Increase profitability and customer satisfaction/ retention.

Decrease turn over and instill a positive and joyful team atmosphere.



The sessions will provide a shared learning environment where key concepts will be reinforced, workbook applications will be explored, your questions will be answered, and other participants will support you. The course is designed to allow for a tailored approach, focused on optimizing your learning experience and personal leadership development goals.

“Being a part of The Serving Leader Institute was an incredible & unforgettable experience! It validated for me the principles of leadership that I value and seek to implement in my position, while adding new strategies that enhance my current skill set. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!”

Kyle G. Priestly

Regional Coordinator, Summit & Medina County

"Participating in The Serving Leader Institute has allowed me to put action steps to my ongoing leadership goals. I am able to have a detailed action plan to develop myself and others around me along with learning about my core values and using effective delegation techniques. This course is valuable for all early childhood professionals no matter your position."

Joni Weiglin

Kids Country Stow Campus

"I loved The Serving Leader Institute! It was the best thing I could have ever done for myself as a person in leadership! I would recommend it to everyone."

Dayna White

Executive Director

Kiddie City

"Being part of The Serving Leader Institute gave me the opportunity to reflect on and grow my leadership skills while being supported by a wonderful group of leaders from all over the state."

Beth Price

Executive Director

Early Childhood Enrichment Center


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