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Who Should Attend?

If your work impacts the lives of children ages 0-8, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity! 

Thousands of fellow educators from across the world have enjoyed the incredible content and now is your special 
chance to receive strategies, support solutions!



Register If You Are A:

Center Director


Center Administrator 




State Agency Employee


Family Care Provider


Social Worker


School Administrator


Early Intervention Specialist


College Faculty Member


College Student


Anybody who works

with or for the well-being

of children!




Register If You Belong To A:

Child Care Center


Head/Early Start Program


Public/Private Preschool


Family Child Care Center


State Agency


Resource & Referral Agency


Higher Education Community


Preschool Special Education Community


Social Service Agency


K-3 Community

Top 10 Reasons to Attend The Ohio Early Childhood Conference?

1.  Have FUN!

2.  Connect face-to-face with other educators

3.  Earn your required professional development hours​​

4.  Improve your mental health

5.  Increase your productivity and effectiveness

6.  Receive the motivation you need to set goals that achieve positive results

7.  Learn the latest trends and developments in the early childhood field 

8.  Brainstorm opportunities to generate better solutions and decisions

9.  Improve your job satisfaction and employee retention

10. Connect with a statewide network of like-minded professionals

11. Learn from world-class, knowledgeable, and motivating subject matter experts

Most importantly, after the last couple of years...YOU DESERVE IT!

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