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All sessions now on-demand until
September 30th, 2021!


Keynote Speakers 



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Steve Spangler
Humanizing the Square:
How to Build Amazing Connections in the Digital World
Ohio AEYC Steve Spangler Announcement
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Lisa Murphy headshot-in chair-small.jpg
Lisa Murphy
Lisa Murphy on Being Child-Centered

Lisa Murphy on Play
teacher tom.jpeg
Teacher Tom
You Can’t Talk About Play Without Talking About Risky Play!

Patricia Dischler
Making a Difference in the
Life of a Child

Roz Grant Photo.jpg
Rozlyn Grant
(Certified Conscious Discipline Instructor)
You're Not A Chicken,
You're An Eagle - You've Got This

Red Grammer.jpg
Red Grammer
How Music Can Help Create a Sense of Normalcy in “Interesting” Times

Ron Mohl.jpg
Ron Mohl
Self-Care: Strategies To Take Care of Yourself So You Can Care for Others


Featured Speakers



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Susan Mcdonald.PNG
Marianne Gibbs Photo.jpg
Dan Hodgins
Dr. Mike Longoria
Susan MacDonald
Marianne Gibbs
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Roz Grant Photo.jpg
Lance Reed Photo 2.jpg
Rozlyn Grant
Patricia Dischler
Sharron Krull
Lance Reed
Ron Mohl.jpg
Richard Cohen.PNG
Richard Cohen
Ron Mohl
Rhian Evans Allvin Photo 1.1.2017.jpg
Kathleen Harris.jpg
Rhian Evans Allvin
Kathleen Harris
Jacky Howell.JPG
Cody Summerville.PNG
Joanie Calem.PNG
Joe French.PNG
Jacky Howell
Cody Summerville
Joanie Calem
Joe French
Heather Bernt-Santy.jpg
Cori Berg.jpg
Heather Bernt-Santy
Cori Berg
Gail Burnett

These 15-180-minute breakout sessions run throughout the conference and provide excellent opportunities to further your learning in topic areas important to you.  

Breakout Sessions 



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