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Early Childhood Educator Coalition



co·​a·​li·​tion | \ ˌkō-ə-ˈli-shən

A group of people who join together for a common cause

View of brief recording that outlines the work and goals of the Early Childhood Educator Coalition

Watch a special introduction and invitation from Ohio AEYC Executive Director, Kimberly Tice

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Already a current Ohio AEYC Member?
Not yet an Ohio AEYC Member?

Step One: Join or renew your membership.

Step Two: New members sign up here to join the Coalition

Frequently Asked Questions

Note: The first meeting will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 22nd at 7:00 PM via Zoom.

1. Why do we need the ECE Coalition?

We are in a fight to #SaveChildCare! Never has there been a more important time for the voice of early childhood educators to be heard! Every day, we see the impact of decisions made without you at the table. You work with children at the most influential stage of their development yet have little to no say in the policy decisions, regulations, and practices that impact the sacred work you do every day.

2. How will we get the attention of decision-makers?

Ohio AEYC has engaged Capitol Strategies, a powerful and influential firm that will help us build support for early childhood education in Ohio. Combining your early childhood expertise with their government relations expertise, we will gain visibility among key decision-makers and have an even greater impact on lawmakers as we work together for positive change in Ohio!

3. Who should join the ECE Coalition?

Whether you’re an ECE college student, faculty, work in child care as a teacher, assistant, administrator, family childcare, Head Start; public preschool – the Coalition will represent those on the front lines who are most impacted by funding and policy decisions.

4. Is it important for early childhood educators to engage in this work?

Yes! Professional Standards and Competencies for Early Childhood Educators: Standard 6 outlines our professional responsibility to: 1) Advocate for the needs of children and their families and

                           2) Advance and advocate for an equitable, diverse, and effective early childhood education profession.

5. I’m already an NAEYC/Ohio AEYC member. Do I need to pay an additional fee to participate in the ECE Coalition?

No. Participation in the ECE Coalition is included in your membership benefits.

6. I’m not sure if my membership is current. What do I do?

Reach out to Lisa Mandelert at 

7. I’m not a member yet. How do become a member?

Step 1: Review membership benefits here. Join for only $30! Step 2: Click on this link to join the ECE Coalition. Note: If the membership fee is a barrier for you, reach out to Kimberly Tice at to arrange a scholarship.

8. I would like to sponsor one or more scholarships for early childhood colleagues with financial hardship. How can I do that?

If you want to purchase membership for your staff or want to provide membership scholarships for early childhood educators with financial hardship, reach out to Lisa Mandelert at

9. What are the goals of the ECE Coalition?

Review the preliminary goals of the ECE Coalition here.

10. What will the ECE Coalition do?

We will share with you the latest state updates and want you to educate us on how to best utilize the new federal funding and address the potential revisions to the SUTQ system.

11. What about family child care providers?

The Coalition IS for you! Once you join the Coalition, we are inviting you to participate in our newly established Family Child Care Advisory Group. This group offers an opportunity to connect with other providers across Ohio and provide input to ensure family child care is included in state conversations about regulations, funding and resources that are relevant for home-based settings. After indicating your interest, we will email you with the date and time for the first meeting.

12. Isn’t Groundwork Ohio already doing this work?

Ohio AEYC is a strategic partner of Groundwork Ohio and are working together at the federal and state levels for investments and policy recommendations to help stabilize the child care sector and build back stronger high-quality programs. Groundwork Ohio focuses primarily on systems-level work while we will focus primarily on centering the voices of early childhood educators in policy and funding decisions.

13. More questions?

Reach out to us: Lisa Mandelert at or Kimberly Tice at .

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