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Drive traffic to your booth and create additional awareness for your company by advertising in the e-Program Book - the official conference guide.

  • Provides vital information about conference activities, exhibitors, schedules and speakers

  • Kept as a reference by attendees before, during and after the conference

TIP: Include a hyperlink in your ad and send people directly to your site, video or social media page or simply embed those items in the ad!


  • Front Inside Cover: Sponsors Only

  • Back Inside Cover: Sponsors Only

  • Back Cover: Sponsors Only

  • Full Page: $229

  • Half Page: $129

TIP: Give attendees a compelling reason to visit your booth!  Remind the attendee what is in it for them to find you!

Push Notifications

$750 each

Send a message out to all of the attendees!

Extra Scavenger Hunt Points

We will make it even more of an incentive to visit your booth!

100 Points: $100
200 Points: $200
500 Points: $300

Ohio AEYC Monthly Digital Newsletter Sponsorship

$750 per month

Includes logo, banner and highlighted article or link of your choosing.

Sent to over 24,000 people!

Ohio AEYC Homepage Banner

$950 per month

Have your banner/message on the most popular page on our website...

Our homepage!

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