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Why We Love Early Childhood Education:
Why We Do...What We Do!

We at Ohio AEYC, are passionate about one thing:  Early Childhood Education!  We understand that it takes a “different kind” of person to educate young children ages 0-8.  We come from all walks of life, with various backgrounds. We look different, we think different, we have a different sense of humor, we are simply, different.  But we are ok with that.  In fact, we welcome and thrive on the fact that it takes a special calling to do what we do. 


What makes us love being early childhood educators so much? Glad you asked!  We think that one of our heroes, Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld, said it best:

In this fast-lane, topsy-turvy, high-tech whirl of a world where cool is hot and yes is not, where violence is epidemic and the lessons of history are seldom learned, being with young children is like aerobics for the imagination, nourishment for the spirit. Sharing time with young children is like a splash in a deliciously cold, energizing lake on a smoggy, muggy day.


Being with children is a matter of life and death! It takes courage to spend time with young children. It takes a tough skin and a mushy heart. Young children keep us honest and brave.


In this crazy world of stereotyped thinking, of mass media images and trite phrases, young children demonstrate originality as they share their love affair with language, with life.


Solving problems inventively in their expanding world is native to young children. Young children remind us that the world is new and belongs to them. They own the moon, the sun, the stars, the songs.

When I'm with young children, I wish on Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, I clap for Tinker Bell, I cry for the spider Charlotte, I brake for beauty, I notice a single ant climbing a blade of grass, I grow toward the light. The magical wisdom of young children is contagious.”


If you share the same passion, we invite you to join us.  Let us provide you with a community of early childhood educators who EMPOWER YOU!



Welcome to Ohio AEYC…welcome to the family!