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Proudly Made Possible By 

Join Ohio AEYC for 6 empowering presentations! 

On-Demand until December 11th!
Earn Ohio Approved Credit!  

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Dr. Jean

Arianna Howard

Susan MacDonald

Joseph French

Cori Berg

Kaleena Wiseman

Earn Up to 7 hours of Ohio Approved Credit!*     


Cost: Only  $65   $35!

Red Scribble


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Self-Care- It's More Than an Indulgence

10:00-11:00AM     |     1 Hour of Approved Credit*

Self-care, we know it's important, but who has time for that? Learn what is self-care, why it's important, how to prevent compassion fatigue, and practical strategies for making time for you.

Kaleena Wiseman

Building Compassion in Early Childhood Communities

1:00-2:00PM     |     1 Hour of Approved Credit*

The pandemic has hit everyone in our early childhood communities hard and tested our relationships. Now more than ever, we need to strengthen our skills in understanding the unique perspectives of the children, parents, colleagues,

and administrators with whom we work. In this session, we will discuss the brain science of threat and why people respond in difficult ways when they feel vulnerable.


We will discuss common situations of vulnerability in our communities and share compassion strategies for supporting others in challenging situations. Finally, we will discover why self-compassion is key to our work.

Cori Berg

Fall Fantabulous (1897 x 363 px) (39 x 3 in) (3 x 3 in) (162 x 185 px) (4).png

Laugh The Stress Away

7:00-8:30PM     |     1.5 Hour of Approved Credit*

How stressed are you? This session will explore various techniques to reduce and manage stress including laughter.

Fall Fantabulous (1897 x 363 px) (39 x 3 in) (3 x 3 in) (162 x 185 px) (6).png

Joseph French

Fall Fantabulous (1897 x 363 px) (39 x 3 in) (3 x 3 in) (162 x 185 px) (7).png

Arianna Howard

The Elephant in the Room: Trauma in the Workplace

Whether from tragic life events, surviving on a next-to-nothing salary, or inequitable workspaces, many early childhood educators are silently suffering. It doesn't have to be this way! This skills-based session equips participants with the tools to cultivate safe, equitable, trauma-informed workspaces.


Greater job satisfaction and lower staff turnover await those who dare to register!

10:00-11:00AM     |     1 Hours of Approved Credit*

1:00-2:30PM     |     1.5 Hours of Approved Credit*

Join Dr. Jean and discover how much fun you can have as you sing, dance, move and learn.



  • The brain likes to move and sing!

  • Music emits endorphins which make you happy.

  • Active learning where multiple senses are used means more pathways to the brain.

  • Songs and movement activities provide “brain breaks” and reinforce skills at the same time.

  • Tunes and dances nurture self-regulation.

IT’S ALL GOOD!  Music is a universal language where all children can feel successful

Get ready to "put your thumbs up...elbows back!"

Fall Fantabulous (1897 x 363 px) (39 x 3 in) (3 x 3 in) (162 x 185 px).png

Let's Do The Happy Dance!

Dr. Jean Feldman 

The Power of Positivity!

7:00-8:00PM     |     1 Hours of Approved Credit*

Positive thinking leads to positive outcomes! Positive strengths-based energy is essential for creating vibrant learning communities where children, families, and educators can thrive. This workshop is designed to support early childhood educators as they move through this period of stress and uncertainty due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

This course will provide an understanding of the current positive psychology research to inspire participants. We will explore how these ten forms of positivity can re-energize your work:


Joy       -   Gratitude        -  Serenity       -   Inspiration          -  Interest

Hope   -           Pride       -      Amusement   -         Awe       -     Love                                              

Susan MacDonald

Fall Fantabulous (1897 x 363 px) (39 x 3 in) (3 x 3 in) (162 x 185 px) (9).png

Discounted Registration Rate: $35. 

Payment Method: Credit Card. 
Need to register a group or make other payment arrangements?
Contact us here!

Refund Policy: Fantabulous virtual event payments are non-refundable. Any amount due must be paid before the start of the event.

*Ohio Approved credit available for the live presentation as well as on-demand until December 11th.

We would like to sincerely thank our sponsor for making this event possible!

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