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Join Ohio AEYC for 6 empowering webinars for early childhood educators!
All Taking Place Thursday, May 28th  

Earn Ohio Approved Credit!     |     Register for each webinar you want to attend!

Attend what you want. Pay what you want. 

Ohio is thrilled to continue providing world-class professional development,
even during a pandemic.

In order for us to continue our mission, we need your support and ask for you to consider paying what you are able to for each webinar you would like to attend. 

Suggested Price per webinar: $20

Do you need a discount? 
We don't want finances to keep you from receiving valuable credit and the quality professional development that you deserve.

Use the following discount codes when you register for each webinar allowing you to find a price that works for you:

Webinar Price: $15  use code: 15

Webinar Price: $10  use code: 10

Webinar Price $5  use code: 5

Webinar Price free  use code: 0

Roz Grant Photo.jpg

Maintaining Composure:
The 5 Steps of Self-Regulation 
(Conscious Discipline©)       

8:30-9:30AM     |     1 Hour of Approved Credit

Rozlyn Grant

We know how essential self-regulation is for social, emotional, academic and life success. Keeping composure as we help children manage self-control, anxiety, disappointment and sadness is key.

Participants will explore the five-steps (I Am, I Calm, I Choose, I Solve) and learn strategies such as "zipping/shifting" and brain states to support self-regulation development for the children in their care.

Rusty Keeler

Rusty Keeler.PNG

Outdoor Nature, Play-19!  

10:30-11:30AM     |     1 Hour of Approved Credit

Fresh air, open space, blue sky, and sun: more great reasons to spend time with children outside in our current situation. Let's let nature guide us to create healing outdoor classrooms, natural playscapes, and "all outside days."

Together we can find practical solutions to make our outdoor spaces more playful, engaging, grounding, and safe. It's more than spritzing off play equipment – it's finding new ways to say "yes" to play and learning in the great outdoors. 

Partnering with Parents

12:00-1:00PM     |     1 Hour of Approved Credit

Teacher Tom

Children come to us not as fully independent humans, but rather as members of families. Parents are their first teachers, a role they will continue to play even as classroom teachers come and go. For many educators, however, parents frequently show up as "challenges."


Parents love their children and want what is best for them, but their lack of experience often leads them to make inappropriate demands or have unrealistic expectations. This tendency is becoming more pronounced as developmentally inappropriate and scientifically unsupported early education theories bounce around the internet.


Modern definitions of what it means to be a "good" parent are creating undue pressures for children, parents, and educators. Teacher Tom will discuss how this phenomenon has evolved, how it impacts our work, and what we can do about it as educators, especially during a pandemic.

Learn how to improve the lives of the children you teach by educating their parents and turning them into partners and allies.

Getting Ready for the New Normal: Supporting Children, Staff, and Families When Your Center Re-opens  

1:30-3:00PM     |     1.5 Hours of Approved Credit

Barbara Kaiser

We are all wondering what the "new normal" will look like and how this pandemic has affected the children we work with and us.


This session will cover the impact of sheltering in place, collective trauma, modifications that will be required, and the impact this will all have on children's sense of safety and their behavior and your ability to respond effectively.

Ride the Lightning: Timeless Wisdom for a World in Flux 

3:30-4:30PM     |     1 Hour of Approved Credit

D.J. Vanas

We live in times of uncertainty, and widespread, rapid change that strikes like lightning – and that dynamic naturally brings fear, which can affect our focus, drive, wellness, and the way we serve others. 


Learn about traditional concepts from Native American culture that will strengthen you as you navigate change with confidence. The Native wisdom on how to live, work and provide guidance on how to slow down to speed your performance, maintain perspective despite the hectic pace of change, keep our human connections strong in a world of high-tech, combat information overload and find the opportunities that change brings.


D.J. will help you successfully ride the lightning and achieve your best in service and self at every turn – are you ready?

What If Today Was Their Only Day/Staying Aligned
with D.A.P. Even During COVID

7:30-8:30PM     |     1 Hour of Approved Credit

Lisa Murphy

Join Lisa in a powerful presentation that will help you get back in touch with your personal "how" and "why".


This reminder may never be more important. In the engaging style Lisa has become famous for, she will share observations, lessons and anecdotes about how early childhood has changed, and takes you back to the day she decided to become a teacher.

If it WAS their only day, what will they remember? Discover how to stay aligned with developmentally appropriate practice and ensure it is a day that supports what we know is best for young children -  no matter the day - even during COVID!

Lisa will highlight the elements of developmentally appropriate practice and relationship building while examining why this approach to learning for young children is crucial and still doable during a pandemic.


Leave the webinar energized and ready to support young children in developmentally appropriate ways even during difficult times.

Refund Policy: Webinar payments are non-refundable

Call Us: 419-946-6693   / contactus@oaeyc.org  |  P.O. Box 71  Mount Gilead, OH 43338

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